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A project page with the information and resources to better equip Canadian seniors on how to better protect themselves against online fraud and scams

New Horizons Project (NHP)

Increased isolation due to the pandemic forced many seniors to move online and utilize the internet for their needs. This has caused a surge in targeted online scams toward senior citizens. 

Many have fallen prey to clever marketing scams, fraudulent emails or bait phone calls from fraudsters. The lack of information on how you can protect yourself against these defrauders has allowed many scam artists to go unpunished and more seniors to fall victim. 

Our aim with New Horizons Protecting Seniors Online is to protect seniors against fraud with further resources to help you identify scammers so you can begin to exercise your rights to safeguard your personal and financial information online. You will understand what types of scams exist, how to recognize a scam and your rights as an online consumer with the knowledge provided on our site.

Filling out our interview form allows our organization to build a consensus on how the average aged population interacts with online services and their internet usage from the information you share. With this data you share, it allows us to better understand the immediate needs of older generations and the problems you face while attempting to navigate the web

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