The Royal Alberta College

Google Classroom

As a registered student at The Royal Alberta College, you are automatically enrolled into the college’s Google for Education System, this is the primary system that you will use to engage, communicate, research, and collaborate in and out of the classroom.

You will access through your Edmonton Public Library Account, where you will be able to access the online videos that have been selected to view prior to classes.


Press Reader

This is accessible through your Edmonton Public Library Account, where you will be able to view newspaper publications across Canada and from around the world, including your country of origin. You will use your Edmonton Public Library Card and Password to gain access.


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Choose Not to Bring Your Own Device

Students that are enrolled and accepted into full-time programs at The Royal Alberta College will receive a computer tablet on their orientation day. This device will be the primary device and all learning material will be installed onto this device, it will also have Google Classroom enabled on it and will allow students to interact in and outside the classroom with each other. Students are NOT required to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and bringing outside computers is not recommended, the tablet that will be used to store all information needed for class and practicums will become the property of the student upon graduation.

Students are permitted to bring their mobile phones and other devices to school, yet it is highly discouraged to use these forms of devices for school work.

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